Yoga poses for tennis players

Tennis is a great competitive or social game that keeps you fit. It is a game you can play and enjoy for many years. But playing on a regular basis can be tough on your body. It is a game that challenges you mentally and requires the body to be flexible and strong. Yoga and tennis can go hand in hand to improve your whole game. There are many yoga poses for tennis players that will improve all their movements on the court. The main elements of yoga that can enhance your tennis game are:

  • Build balance and symmetry
  • Develop mental focus
  • Enhance flexibility and stability
  • Improve range of motion
  • Aids recovery and regeneration

Build balance and symmetry

The nature of tennis means most players are either right-side or left-side dominant. This can cause imbalances in the upper body and spine. If the imbalance is not addressed they can lead to injuries. Yoga poses for tennis players help maintain muscular symmetry and improve their balance. You alternate between left and right so you identify which is your stronger side. Yoga allows you to work on all the imbalances in your body in a safe environment.

Develop mental focus

Many tennis games are won or lost in the head. By developing your mental focus you will be able to remain calm in tough scenarios. To achieve a mental edge in the game yoga teaches you the technique to control your breathing. With the help of 'pranayam' you are able to relax your mind before the onset of a tough match. Pranayam also helps improve your cardiovascular strength and increases your blood circulation. When you are completely relaxed, you are completely aware of all aspects linked to the game.

Enhance flexibility and stability

Tennis is a game of multiple plane movements. There is an intensity to gain position before executing a swing. It requires a high level of agility, speed, balance, stability, coordination and power. Yoga poses for tennis players will enhance flexibility and stability. Slowing down the tempo allows for better mindful muscle recruitment. Repeating these movements in yoga allows for precision in execution while on the court.

Improve range of motion

Tightness in the shoulders is a common complaint of tennis players. Restrictions in other areas of the body such as the ankles and hips can negatively impact performance. The deep stretches of many yoga poses for tennis players can improve flexibility and range of motion. A dynamic yoga workout will benefit all tennis players game. It will improve all their movements on the court, increasing net presence and poaching ability.

Aids recovery and regeneration

Tennis’s dynamic nature means rest, regeneration and recovery through yoga is essential. Intense engagement in sports can be a huge strain on the body. So it is important to balance that with rest and recovery. Restorative yoga helps tennis players recover faster from any particular strain. Yoga poses for tennis players elongates the muscles spent so long contracting, so it is a great counteraction.

Best Yoga Poses for Tennis Players

The best yoga poses for tennis players focus on increasing mobility, muscular balance and balance in the spine. Yoga poses for tennis players should develop stamina and core strength. The poses will promote full body co-ordination. Symmetry on both sides of the body will lessen the chance of injuries.

Triangle Pose - The extended triangle stretch is suitable for providing flexibility to your body. It stretches your spinal column, hips, hamstring, shoulder and chest area and improves body 'co-ordination'. This is an excellent yoga pose for tennis players in relieving pain in the lower back region.

Tree PoseThis yoga pose for tennis players is great for stretching hips, calves, hamstrings and the spinal column. It builds strength in the ankles and calves, and helps to remedy flat feet. It also improves body balance and helps in the co-ordination of various muscle groups.

Pigeon Pose - This yoga pose for tennis players offers a deep hip opening. Use your core strength to keep your hips level. Feel the stretch in the quadriceps and hip flexors on the side of the leg which is pointed back. Hold the pose longer for restorative benefits and to calm the mind.

Supine Twist - This pose is great for opening the shoulders. Remember to press your shoulders into the mat, as you drop your knees to one side. It will stretch the muscles around the spine and increasing circulation to the spine. It is also another pose for tennis players to hangout in. You can focus on your breath and tune into your body.

Cow Face Pose - A great pose for stretching the outer hips and the shoulders and arms at the same time. This asymmetrical pose will allow you to feel the differences between the two sides. A yoga pose for tennis players that improves range of motion and stretches the rotator cuff. You can also do it with tennis racquet.

Yoga poses for tennis players helps to enhance flexibility and stability. They help balance your core muscle groups and ensure that you achieve a better body balance. Yoga poses for tennis players ensure the development of stamina and achieve symmetry on either side of the body. The poses will strengthen your lower body and ensure that you are always full of energy. Finally, yoga helps tennis players to achieve full body co-ordination and prevent sport-related injuries.

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