TRX training is the future of functional training

Tea vs coffee, cats vs dogs, Batman vs Superman! I’m sure you have your preferences based on various beliefs, experiences and opinions. TRX Suspension training vs weight training is a discussion in the fitness and sports industry. Furthermore there is an ongoing debate of the value of stable versus unstable surface training. In theory exercise on an unstable surface would detract from building strength. Finally TRX training builds strength by doing exercises that workout the whole body. It offers the following opportunities to upgrade your training:

  • Improving your agility and speed
  • Better Core Workouts
  • Introducing more Diverse exercises and training

Improving your agility and speed

A 2014 study analysed TRX suspension training and weight training. They looked at how they compared in building muscle strength and power. No significant difference was found in improving strength and power levels. But TRX training activates and targets muscles that weight training generally miss. An example is the serratus anterior muscle which are located over your ribs between your lats and abs. Finally the study found that TRX training is most effective in improving speed and jumping ability. It creates unique challenges due to the coordinated and integrated body movements. TRX training creates unique, proprioceptive challenges that reinforce muscle firing sequences and motor patterns. These transfer directly into movements commonly found in sport and life. As a result TRX training demands coordinated and integrated body movement to develop speed and agility.

Better Core Workouts with TRX Training

The research was conclusive that TRX training provides the best core workouts. Four suspension training exercises were tested. These were hip abduction in plank, hamstring curl, chest press and 45° row. Core muscle activity was higher compared to to doing similar weight training exercises. Therefore doing exercises on unstable support surfaces requires activation of more core muscles. You are working muscles groups synergistically, rather than in isolation.

Introducing more Diverse exercises and training

TRX training offers great diversity ensuring your training doesn’t become boring. You make adjustments to increase the intensity of all your exercises. Changing the position of your feet or hands introduces a new set of challenges. TRX training takes care of all the neglected muscle groups your regular training misses. TRX exercises are more functional than lifting weights or using machines. Consequently TRX training prevents more sports injuries compared to weight training. This is because you are exercising groups of muscles rather than isolating individual ones. Finally unlike gyms, TRX suspension training equipment is portable and scalable. It allows for more flexibility about when and where you want to workout.

​Many TRX training exercises can be adapted to ensure you are challenged. TRX training equipment allows you to adjust the straps to calibrate resistance. These adjustments has seen traditional exercises evolve into multi-muscle workouts. These exercises use your body weight different in angles to engage more muscle groups. Focusing on your balance strengthens and grows many more muscles throughout the body.

Studies show that TRX training is disrupting the sports and fitness industry. The equipment invented by a former Navy SEAL has turned into a multi-million dollar business. This revolutionary fitness device is the future of functional training for everyone. TRX training is for you if you are looking for more training options. You will gain both core endurance and muscular strength. Finally you will enhance the diversity of your training.

​Do you think you would add TRX workouts to your regular training program? Male-wellness appreciates your comments, feedback and questions on this topic or any others.

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