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If you enjoy personal training or playing sports yoga has a lot to offer you. The benefits of yoga for men when playing sport or training are:

  • Personal training and playing sports
  • ​Preventing and recovering from injuries
  • ​Managing mental health issues and improving well-being

Personal training and playing sports

Doing yoga on a regular basis has many benefits for men. The long held western view of yoga being just for women is changing. There are 3 main areas where the benefits of yoga for men are prominent:

  • Yoga challenges your entire body
  • Excellent compliment to your training schedule
  • You will be healthy as well as fit
  • Great for weight loss for all sizes

Yoga challenges your entire body

​Training with regular weight equipment and machines have some problems. A major issue is that they only focus on one or two areas of your body. Over time the equipment and machines will become less effective. As a result you become accustomed to the repetitive actions. Consequently you try increasing the weight or doing more reps but over time the benefits lessen. You may be growing or strengthening some of your major muscles but many are being forgotten. The result is that your body will become unbalanced. This leads to more injuries and possible long-term structural damage.

​Yoga challenges the whole body. It requires full support from the cardiovascular, skeletal, muscular, and endocrine systems. The benefits of yoga for men is that yoga poses align your body in positions that need support. Yoga also requires that you use many more muscles and you use your own body weight as resistance. Exercise that challenges your entire body is more challenging and reduces possible injuries.

Excellent compliment to your training schedule

Research supports the view that strengthening the core improves balance and stability. The benefits of yoga for men is improvements in balance, control and core stability. Adding yoga workouts to you other training or sporting activities is encouraged. In time you will gain more control in your stabilising and synergistic muscles. Add yoga poses into your training programs as substitute for core workouts. Yoga sequences also work great as active recovery in other training sessions.

men training benefits of yoga for men

You will be Healthy as well as fit

​No doubt another aspect that attracts men to yoga is the desire to achieve a “yoga body. If you do yoga on a regular basis you will realise that being healthy goes much deeper than the way you look. You don’t just need the strength but also you want pain-free movement and flexibility. A benefit of yoga for men is that you gain more confidence in your body. You know it will support you in any physical endeavour. ​Yoga widens your range of motion and increases access to more muscle fibres. It does this by allowing for more substantial hypertrophy in any given muscle group. An example of this is the yoga push-up which is a precise, contained movement.

Great for weight loss for all sizes

​The benefits of yoga for men are significant for weight loss. No matter your starting size you will see results by practicing yoga regularly. Deep abdominal breathing is a major part of yoga. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system. This helps in lowering the levels of cortisol, a hormone that forces your body to hold on to belly fat.

​Preventing and recovering from injuries

Getting injured while playing sports or training is a very frustrating experience. We are living in a society where a culture of work hard play hard is the norm. Unfortunately this has resulted in many more work and leisure related injuries. There are many benefits of yoga for men in preventing and recovering from injuries. Regular yoga practice will ensure your body is strong and ensure you have the protection in:

  • Combating lower back pain & maintaining good posture
  • Cultivating a strong immune system
  • Managing muscle soreness
  • Restoring energy levels

Combating lower back pain & maintaining good posture

Lower back pain is a common symptom that affects many men. Lifestyle is one of the main reasons why you may suffer from this increasing affliction. You need to work to support yourself and your family. Office jobs requires you seating at a desk for 7 plus hours a day. You sit down when you eat and commute to work. When you get home from work you seat on your comfy sofa to relax and unwind. It turns out your day is a marathon of sitting down! Many men end up with shortened hamstrings and illiopsoas muscles. and puts excessive strain on the lower back.

The daily routines of the modern lifestyle impacts your posture. The key to maintaining correct posture is good alignment of the upper body all the time. The back should be straight with your shoulders squared and relaxed. Keep your chin up, chest out, and stomach in. Very much like a straight line. The benefits of yoga for men is that regular practice will make you much more aware of your body. You will start to break away from bad habits that impact on your posture. Yoga is fantastic for correcting postural faults and imbalances in the body

Cultivating a strong immune system

If you have an active and busy lifestyle getting sick is a difficult pill to swallow. Everyone gets sick at some point but you want to give your body the best chance of avoiding illness. If you are unfortunate and do get ill you want to be able to recover as soon as possible. There are of course medicines that help you recover. You may prefer natural healing products that provide extra defence against some illnesses. Unfortunately they don’t help improve the body’s immune system.

Regular yoga practice strengthens the immune system at the cellular level. It does this by changing actual gene expression. Another one of the benefits of yoga for men is in improving your internal defence system. Yoga does this by flushing the body of toxins, particularly if you do any form of hot yoga (i.e., Bikram). This type of yoga fuels a mock “fever” within the body and toughens the immune system defence.

Managing muscle soreness

​A benefit of yoga for men is that it encourages more stretching. By not stretching you are increasing the likelihood of sore muscles over the next few days. Warming down after a tough training session or a competitive sporting match is vital. Unfortunately many of us skip this which increases recovery times. Yoga is hugely beneficial in working out stiffness from other sports or training. When muscles are fatigued they fill with lactic acid. Yoga stretches and releases tension which helps flush lactic acid away. You can also do many yoga poses and sequences in your warm-up. Having well stretched muscles will prevent injuries as well as reducing soreness.

Sport injury benefits of yoga for men

Restoring energy levels

​Having an active or busy lifestyle can result in you not have the energy for sports or training. Many yoga styles and classes are physically or mentally challenging. But afterwards you generally don’t feel that your body has lost all its energy. Instead, it actually increases your energy levels and vigour. You will feel more aware and revitalised and promote healing within the body. Regular yoga will help you develop a mindfulness. This will teach you a better awareness in understanding your body’s limits.

Managing mental health issues and improving well-being

​The many benefits of yoga for men which are not physical. Yoga will helping you manage mental health issues and improving your well-being. Yoga benefits men by positively impacting their mental health and well-being by:

  • Reducing stress and managing anxiety
  • Boosting brain function
  • Improving self confidence
  • Keeping cravings at bay

Reducing stress and managing anxiety

​Today’s fast-paced culture that can add stress and anxiety to your life. Your mobile phone is ringing, your boss wants to talk to you and your partner wants to know if you have paid the bills. Yoga has been proven to help reduce stress, lower blood pressure and lower your heart rate. Yoga helps you slow down and be mindful. It teaches you relaxation and breathing techniques that promote calmness . Regular yoga practice combines physical and mental disciplines to the body and mind. This can help you relax and manage stress and anxiety.

Boosting brain function

​Yet another of the benefits of yoga for men isn't visual and takes some time to appreciate. Yoga holds the power to transform our minds as much as it does our bodies. Research proves that 20 minutes of yoga per day is a huge benefit to the brain. Yoga can act as an instant cognitive boost. Besides scaling back stress and anxiety, yoga keeps your mind focused on a single task. This often results in improved brain functions for many men. It promotes increased brain waves and better mental clarity. This compares better to almost any other form of exercise—including running. The key: connected body and breath movement.

The brain benefits of yoga for men

Improving self confidence

​By stretching your yoga muscles regularly you will increase body awareness and self-confidence. Consequently when you are confident you give off a warm, magnetic energy. This makes people feel really comfortable in your presence and improves interactions. Confidence is trusting in your decisions and believing in your abilities. A final benefit of yoga for men is being okay with your limitations. Yoga will keep your humble and appreciate your precious life.

Keeping cravings at bay

​Changes in lifestyle and work has seen men’s waistlines expanding at an alarming rate. For lots of men, fast food and ready meals are a too large part of their diet. Sedentary desk jobs involve spending eight plus hours in an idle, unnatural position. You develop bad habits and find it easier to eat lunch at your desk. You also tend to have more sugary snacks to deal with the boredom or stress of any particular day. Another benefit of yoga for men is helping you stay in the present moment. You pay attention to what is going on with you, right now.

Yoga is a very open activity run by very well qualified teachers. They are always open about their knowledge and experiences. They will give advice and provide many alternative poses throughout their classes. Yoga will increase your flexibility, endurance and muscle strength.

Are you aware of these physical and non-physical benefits that regular yoga can provide? Are you struggling to prevent or recover from injuries? Have you considered giving yoga a try?

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