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Gain a competitive advantage with Yoga for Golf

Male Wellness Yoga for golf flexibility

If you want to improve your golfing game, yoga may offer you the solutions you need. There are all kinds of yoga poses to improve different golf skills. There are yoga exercises to improve awareness, posture and endurance. Moreover, there are also certain types of yoga for golf flexibility. There's even yoga for golf swing improvement. Yoga for golf encompasses techniques that can help you in the following ways:

  • Sharpened Focus and Self-control
  • Increase Awareness 
  • Connection between Body and Mind
  • Improved Flexibility and Strength
  • Enhanced Balance, Endurance and Stability

The Mental and Psychological Benefits of Yoga for Golfers

Yoga and golf have an interesting relationship. Both need people to exercise certain physical and mental qualities to succeed. For now, though, we will discuss the non-physical benefits of yoga and how they can affect your golf game.

Sharpened Focus and Self-control

Firstly, yoga is conducive for developing focus and self-control. These qualities can be used to improve your stance and posture. They are both useful for overcoming difficult holes and challenging situations. Even when you perform a simple pose, like the standing forward bend, you need to control your breathing. This helps focus your mind and avoid distracting thoughts. By applying this very same focus in your golf game, you will be able to improve your performance.

Increase Awareness

Another benefit of yoga is that it increases awareness. This happens to be quite an important factor in golfing. One of the challenges of the game is the constant need to adapt to varying surfaces. Simple poses like Big Toe (Padangusthasana) need you to pay attention to every part of your body. You will become more aware of how your muscles act or react. This will allow you to improve both your posture as well as your golf swing.

Connection between Body and Mind

Finally, it's worth mentioning that yoga emphasises patience and tranquillity. Both can help improve your golf game by helping you develop the right mindset. Like golf, mastering yoga poses take time, and the process usually involves overcoming challenges and setbacks. A mindful calmness and controlled breathing permit the body and mind to fully prepare for an accurate shot. A controlled breathing sequence of an inhale on the backswing and an exhale on the swing in play will improve your swing every time.

Unlike golf, yoga is not a competitive sport, so you can take your time in your practice. It will allow you to figure out the right way to do things at your own pace. The process of yoga can have a profound effect on each practitioner's psychology. It will help them to relax and remain patient even when they make mistakes. Once developed, these mental qualities can then be carried over to golf. These can be major factors in helping you improve your game

The Physical Benefits of Yoga for Golfers

Improved Flexibility and Strength

male wellness man doing yoga boat pose

Man doing yoga boat pose

Yoga exercises can improve the strength and flexibility of specific muscles. For example, the Boat Pose (Paripurna Navasana) is a great pose for improving your body's core strength. It is a challenging balance pose that engages the core, toning and strengthening the abdominal muscles. It will also stretch your hamstrings and reinforce hip flexors and the spine. These are areas of the body that need to be durable and stable for a golfer to generate power in their swing. 

Another excellent pose for golfers is Cow Face (Gomukhasana). It is one of the most challenging seated poses. This is because it is a deep hip opener as well as stretching tight shoulders. Again these are areas where many golfers have less strength and flexibility. Finally the Cow Face pose will decompress the lower spine, lessening the chances of lower back pain. 

Yoga for golf also has many poses that are excellent as warm-up exercises before any golf round.

Enhanced Balance, Endurance and Stability

Another physical benefit of yoga is that it improves your body's endurance and sense of balance. For golfers who are struggling with their posture, there are yoga poses which can help them overcome that problem. The standing forward bend (Uttanasana) will increase the spine's flexibility. Additionally, there are also plenty of yoga poses which increase your body's endurance. Thereby allowing you to play for extended periods of time without losing energy or focus. 

Finally, yoga can improve your body's stability. Lower back pain is a common complaint that many golfers suffer with. Leaning forward when standing causes back strain for most of us. Swinging a golf club in the same direction many times aggravates the strain. One of the key goals of yoga is to keep the body stable and this is true for all poses. The plank pose can help you develop the necessary instincts to keep your body stable. By doing these yoga for golf poses regularly you will see major improvements in your game.

Many golfers, from professionals to keen amateurs through to occasional players are incorporating yoga for golf disciplines into their training routines. By doing this they are gaining a competitive advantage over their rivals. I encourage you to checkout this yoga for golf workout. The poses in this workout will strengthen the back, increase power and decrease tension in the swing. Also, they will increase flexibility which is also beneficial to golfers. So if you want to improve your golf game, give yoga a try

Male-wellness appreciates your comments, feedback and questions on this topic or any others.

Author: Manny

I am an easy going and sociable adventurer. My main hustle is helping run Australia’s number one community marketplace. I am an inflexible Yogi, functional fitness warrior and beginner boxer. I am huge Wire fan and enjoy watching well written film or TV. Woodwork is my latest passion and dream of having my own workshop or just a small toolshed! Currently listening to my favourite community radio station while making dovetail joints.

Yoga stretches for runners keeps them going longer and faster

Yoga stretches for runners

Committed athletes understand the importance of reducing injuries and taking care of their body. In fact, they are always in the search for advanced ways of improving their performance. Yoga for runners is becoming a growing trend in athlete training programs. Experts recommend yoga for muscle flexibility and strengthening. Yoga stretches for runners also addresses imbalances in the athlete's biomechanics. These imbalances will eventually lead to pain and potential long-term injury. Pain in the ankles, hamstrings and knees are the common issues that many runners encounter. Yoga is the perfect complement to running as it restores balance and symmetry to the body.

Avoiding Injuries

Avid runners are most susceptible to overuse injuries, but falling on a course can bring about injury too. To defend against either kind of injury it is important to maintain good running skills with a balanced body. Many yoga poses promote that balance. Furthermore, since yoga is done barefoot, these poses promote good foot and ankle health which are important for runners.

​Designing a yoga program that fits your body needs can help you in reducing pains and aches. Yoga stretches for runners enable you to improve your body movements. It will also harmonise your strength and stamina. The exercises target the problems that arise when you are running. It counteracts the strains you encounter when running and boosts your body confidence. By doing yoga, you increase your chances of recovering from an injury or persistent pain. Below are some yoga poses for runners and how they can benefit you in your training.

Downward-Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog is one of most recognised yoga poses and the staple of many sequences. The simple pose is beneficial in several ways and the more you do it, the better it gets! It rejuvenates and energises your entire body. It also helps to stretch the shoulders, hamstrings, calves, hands, ankles and the spine. Down-dog helps to build strength in your arms and legs. Other benefits that you can get include relief from fatigue, headache, mild depression and insomnia. Downward facing dog pose relieves your body from stress. This allows you to concentrate more on your breathing, form and posture. It is a suitable pose for beginners and regular runners. Downward dog is very safe as it is less strenuous. In fact, when you do it, you enjoy the benefits of other inversions. It is one of the best yoga poses when starting your yoga practice.

Triangle Pose

A therapeutic yoga pose that benefits your body in various ways. Triangle pose involves a deep stretch of the groin, hips, and hamstrings. It also encompasses the opening of shoulders and chest. Additionally, it is an excellent pose if you want to strengthen the muscles in hips, thighs, and back. Extended triangle pose is also beneficial in toning the ankles and knees. Triangle pose also stimulates the torso organs. Fitness experts recommend it to improve your metabolism, curb anxiety, osteoporosis and flat feet. Triangle pose is one of the advanced yoga stretches for runners. It helps to ensure your body is stable and balanced both physically and mentally. Other proven benefits of triangle pose include stress relief and improved digestion. It can assist in alleviating back pain and treatment of neck pain and sciatica.

Reclined Pyramid Pose

A standing yoga pose that combines the benefits of three major movements; backwards, forward and balancing. Reclined pyramid pose helps to build body balance and coordinate your entire body. The pose will calm down your mind and improve your overall posture. It is considered a therapeutic pose that helps curb flat feet and stretches hips, chest and spine. It also assists in the strengthening of the abdominal organs which improves digestion. Like many yoga stretches for runners, it helps to open up your calves and hamstrings without necessarily straining your lower back. If you want to do a hamstring intensive pose, then this might be the best pose for you.

Male wellness Head to Knee Pose

Head to Knee pose

If you are currently battling with tight hamstrings, then this pose might help you a lot. Head to knee pose benefits you in several ways. It helps to stimulate your nervous system through deep breathing. It also calms down your emotions and mental status. Its benefits are also extended to the endocrine and urinary system. The pose also helps in stretching the back of your legs which improves flexibility.

Reclining Cobbler’s Pose

Though this pose is simple, it comes with distinct benefits. Reclining Cobbler’s Pose is one of the best yoga stretches for runners as it targets the quads, opens up your hips and releases any tight abductors. The pose is great for relaxing tense muscles. It helps to reduce fatigue, depression, and anxiety so that you can focus on improving your athletic performance. Furthermore, it stimulates the heart muscles and calms the pelvic region making you more flexible.


The nature of long distance running means breath control are vital. Yoga stretches for runner helps in achieving maximum oxygen uptake, another important skill for the runner to master. Deep breathing gives a runner a competitive advantage over their rivals. By being aware of your posture will help improve your breathing. This allows runners to execute running techniques that are both effective and efficient.

​Pain or injury in any part of your body can be a major setback in your athletic performance. Remember that all your body parts must work in harmony for you to meet your success. Yoga stretches for runners is a great way of overcoming simple injuries, adding flexibility and improving performance.

If you are a runner experiencing tightness or pain in your hamstrings, hip flexors, lower back and quads you should try this yoga workout. The poses will not only address any pain or tightness but will increase total body strength, endurance, and flexibility. Many runners find that yoga keeps them running longer and faster, without the nagging injuries.

Author: Manny

I am an easy going and sociable adventurer. My main hustle is helping run Australia’s number one community marketplace. I am an inflexible Yogi, functional fitness warrior and beginner boxer. I am huge Wire fan and enjoy watching well written film or TV. Woodwork is my latest passion and dream of having my own workshop or just a small toolshed! Currently listening to my favourite community radio station while making dovetail joints.

Yoga for stress relief is growing more popular

Male_wellness_Yoga for stress relief

Yoga is a mind-body practice that combines physical poses and controlled breathing. Relaxation is a strong focus of the practice, so yoga for stress relief has grown. It offers great stress relief as well as helping to lower your blood pressure and heart rate. The disciplines of regular yoga practice help you achieve a harmonious body and mind. Consequently, you relax and manage stress and anxiety better.

How stress works

Stress energises you and heightens your senses. It provides you with the intensity sometimes required to face problems head-on. But you may also struggle to turn off that intensity. It can leave you feeling on edge and effect your health. Stress and anxiety can develop into adverse symptoms like headaches and insomnia. You may feel these symptoms are stress related, but because you are productive, you tolerate them. You believe if you don’t have the stress, nothing will get done!

Without adequate stress relief, you will become exhausted. You will try to find ways to manage the stress and anxiety. Cutting back on activities you feel cause the stress is a likely first step. Avoiding conflict is another common stress relief reaction, but it is not effective. Simplifying your life doesn’t necessary provide the stress relief you are looking for. You are more likely to feel depressed about not embracing life enough.

For most of us, some form of stress in our lives is inescapable, and there is the paradox. Excess stress and anxiety can take a toll on you without stress relief. Often the very things that cause it are the same things that make your life full and worthwhile. None of us want an empty life but how do we develop the skills to handle our busy and complicated lives?

Managing Stress

It is vital that you learn how to manage stress so that it's not troubling or traumatic experience at every turn. To be successful in managing stress, you need the right blend of inner fire and inner calm. Yoga for stress relief has an ability to change your mental perception of stress and anxiety.

Understanding how stress affects the body enables you to change the way you react to stress. It begins with the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. That then triggers a response in the autonomic nervous system. It's vital that there is a balance between the two nervous systems. Unbalanced, you respond with energy and focus, but also with anger, anxiety, and aggression. It is a typical fight-or-flight response. It’s better to find a measured one that challenges the stressful moment appropriately. 

Yoga for Stress Relief

Yoga for stress relief trains your mind and body to respond to stressful moments in an appropriate way. Yoga requires you to engage your mind and body when doing the poses. You learn to hold poses, some which are quite demanding, with a calm mind. You learn to focus on the breath enabling you to remain calm in stressful situations. The nervous system responds differently, staying activated but with an underlying sense of peace. It remains skilfully engaged but without going into full-fledged fight-or-flight mode. In a yoga practice, you will alternate between demanding and easier poses. Yoga for stress relief educates you to move efficiently between states of challenge and rest.

Blissful Savasana

At the start, the focus of your yoga practice will be executing the poses in classes. Accomplishing them can be demanding but have enormous benefits. But yoga for stress relief requires balance throughout the practice. That means letting go, recognising your effort and rewarding your body and mind. Savasana teaches you how to put the usually suppressed parasympathetic nervous system in charge. It then allows the hyper-charged sympathetic nervous system to take a rest. Through Savasana, you teach your nervous system to let go once the challenges of your practice have been met. This gives you the time to recognise your efforts and rewarding yourself.

Yoga for stress relief is not about fighting stress or running away from it. It helps you manage stress by transforming how your mind and body responds to stress. Yoga can teach your body a new standing posture that eventually becomes ingrained. It can also train the mind to learn new thought patterns. Yoga enables the nervous system to learn new ways of reacting to stress or anxiety. If stress or anxiety is getting the best of you, you might want to hit the mat and give yoga a try.

Male-wellness appreciates your comments, feedback and questions on this topic or any others.

Men who do Yoga Over 50 benefit in many ways

Yoga Over 50 for Men

Age should not be a barrier to stopping you from adding yoga into your life. Yoga focus is holistic health and spiritual growth. This is achieved by doing physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation. Yoga for men over 50 is very beneficial as it is a very safe activity. It is very effective in keeping the mind and body in good health. You will benefit from doing yoga in the following ways;

  • Providing Regular Exercise
  • Assisting Injury Recovery and Rehabilitation
  • Reducing Anxiety and Stress
  • Keeping your Mind Sharp
  • Sustaining Sexual Wellness

Providing Regular Exercise

Most styles of yoga combine balance, flexibility, and strength. These are the core to effective exercise. Unlike other exercises such as running and weight training, yoga is a low-impact activity. This means you are less likely to get injured from doing it. Men doing yoga when over 50 involves a lot of strength training. Using your own body weight and not adding weight, lessens the likelihood of injury. It is also very efficient as many of the poses work or more than one part of your body as well as activating your core. The variety yoga offers means that it works for most training goals. You should still build up a sweat for a cardio workout or to lose weight.

Regular exercise is highly beneficial for your health and yoga can help in many ways. It will lower your risk of heart disease and lessen symptoms of depression. If you suffer from headaches or diabetes, yoga over 50 for men is very beneficial. Yoga can also relieve some of the pain from arthritis and some forms of cancer.

Assisting Injury Recovery and Rehabilitation

If you are struggling to recover from an injury or rehabbing from surgery, yoga can assist you. For men doing yoga over 50, regular practice will also protect them against future injuries. Yoga is also excellent in identifying the unseen areas that can develop into chronic or long-term problems. Poor posture can develop into serious medical conditions that may result in surgery.

Bridge Pose Man Yoga Over 50

Yoga combines deep stretching and breathing. Learning to breathe properly is a surprising advantage of doing yoga over 50. Revising the way you breathe you will provide optimal conditions for all your muscles to recover. Holding yoga poses for 5 minutes or longer provides intense but restorative benefits. Tight, sore or inflamed muscles, tissues, fascia, and joints respond well to yoga. 

Reducing Anxiety and Stress

You are at an age where there is still a lot going on in your life with lots of responsibilities. Additionally need to support your family, not just children but even grandchildren. You also have a career, mortgage and lots of bills and expenses! Yoga over 50 empowers men to manage multidimensional responsibilities. Handling responsibilities without anxiety or getting stressed is good for your health. You will have more energy and feel more empowered to deal with difficult situations. Doing yoga over 50 focuses your attention through breathing, lessening anxiety when the pressure is on.

Keeping your Mind Sharp

There is no argument that physical activity keeps the mind sharp as you age. Men who do yoga over 50 will be combining balance, flexibility, and strength throughout their practice. The poses need you to focus your mind and delivers many long and short term benefits. Studies have shown that regular yoga improves your brain’s accuracy and speed. Yoga also strengthens brain function and help stave off cognitive decline. In a 12-week long study, volunteers who did yoga improved memory and mood to a greater degree than those who performed conventional brain training.

Sustaining Sexual Wellness

​The physical practice of yoga will ensure that you have a body that your a more comfortable with. The physiological characteristics will mean you are more relaxed and focused. Doing yoga will help you become more present in the moment and not striving for an end goal. Yoga for men over 50 combine this mindset with confidence in your body. So being more relaxed can only lead to to a more intimate and joyful connection with your partner. Sex is more than the physical experience, just as yoga is more than physical exercise. With both activities, an important and powerful mental and spiritual component is present. With sex, a powerful emotional component is always present.

Yoga has a lot to offer for men over 50, but I appreciate that starting can be slightly intimidating. I would not recommend jumping into a 90-minute hot yoga class! First steps would be to a health check to ensure you have no physical ailments or conditions that would stop you from practicing.

There are many online videos that have workouts designed for beginners and older practitioners. If you want to find a studio to attend a class, make sure it has beginner classes and that all the instructors are certified and qualified. When attending your first few classes, it is good to arrive early. You can have a quick chat to the instructor where you can discuss any modification or props you may need. Finally, you can opt to sit in a resting child’s pose during more challenging postures. Look forward to seeing you in class, Namaste!

Male-wellness appreciates your comments, feedback and questions on this topic or any others.

Author: Manny

I am an easy going and sociable adventurer. My main hustle is helping run Australia’s number one community marketplace. I am an inflexible Yogi, functional fitness warrior and beginner boxer. I am huge Wire fan and enjoy watching well written film or TV. Woodwork is my latest passion and dream of having my own workshop or just a small toolshed! Currently listening to my favourite community radio station while making dovetail joints.

Guys, Burn those extra pounds with Power Yoga


Due to the view that many men still have about yoga most don't consider it as an effective weight-loss practice. The greatest aspect of yoga is that the practice and disciplines are very adaptable. They can be used to face any challenge or tackle any problem. More men are struggling with the challenge of weight-loss. Yoga has some of the best options in dealing with this growing problem. Power yoga is a very effective practice for weight loss and fighting obesity. Other yoga styles can be very beneficial in managing and controlling your weight.

What is Power Yoga?

Power Yoga is a Vinyasa practice that is a combination of the traditional values of yoga but with a focus on fitness. It is is a very upbeat form of yoga where your body builds internal heat and gives your whole body a great workout. Regular practice will see significant increases in your strength and stamina. The effects are comparable to a good aerobics or cardio session. The benefits of Power Yoga in managing and controlling your weight are:

  • Burning calories and strengthening the core
  • Reducing stress and tension
  • Holistic and sustainable weight management

Burning Calories and strengthening the Core

Power yoga definitely feels like a good cardio session. You lose lots of calories and work up a good sweat! This is because Power Yoga focuses on the core. It streamlines your body which builds lean muscles. This is more effective for weight loss due to increasing your metabolism. You do burn calories in a cardio session, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you burn fat. Excessive cardio actually deplete the muscle reserve. This is not ideal activity for a long-term weight loss plan. Men should look to add power yoga sessions to your other cardio exercises. Doing this helps to establish a sustainable weight loss plan.

Men doing power yoga outside

Doing Power Yoga outside

Reducing Stress and Tension

Managing weight loss can be a cause of added stress and tension. Regular yoga will give you opportunities to relive it and let it out. Getting stressed out will impact your weight loss plan. This leads to a lack of motivation or compulsive binge eating. Through yoga you will learn deep breathing techniques that will help reset you mental disposition. They will help improve your focus and allowing you to stay calm and relaxed.

Power yoga is the most popular and effective style for weight loss. Other styles of yoga are also beneficial in helping you manage your weight. Yoga has an uncanny ability to make everything in life a little easier, including weight loss! Yoga is very effective in changing the way you think and your behaviours. If you are thinking positively about your body you will be more likely to treat it right.

Stress and anxiety can lead to a poor diet. Yoga improves how the brain controls your reaction to stress. This should lead to healthier food choices and easier weight loss. Even if you are following a good diet there will be times when you fall of the wagon. It is important not to become upset of get down when this happens. Yoga will teach you to take a deep breath and move on and not to obsess too much about your weight.

Holistic and Sustainable Weight Management

Long-term weight management is a combination of factors; diet, exercise and mental well-being. Your diet should be balanced with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Aim to consume water on a regular basis as it is great for fighting cravings.. The combination of Power Yoga and cardio exercises is a great plan for sustainable weight loss. Yoga's focus on the breath and body means it easier to stay tuned in. You mind will be able to determine if your body is craving some other activity. Simply long-term weight management is eating only when you're hungry!

A regular yoga practice is the most effective activity in achieving sustainable weight management or loss. Power yoga is the most popular style for weight loss. It focuses on strengthening the core and building lean muscle. Yoga has many other benefits that help you manage your weight better. Stress-reduction and mindfulness associated with yoga will lead to improved sleep. Good sleep results in better eating habits, and increased self-awareness. Regardless of the exercise, good nutrition is essential. If you’re not paying attention to your diet, you won’t see the results you want. Exercise right, eat clean, and you’ll be able to achieve your goals. Find your local studio and try Power Yoga for weight loss. It will work wonders!

Author: Manny

I am an easy going and sociable adventurer. My main hustle is helping run Australia’s number one community marketplace. I am an inflexible Yogi, functional fitness warrior and beginner boxer. I am huge Wire fan and enjoy watching well written film or TV. Woodwork is my latest passion and dream of having my own workshop or just a small toolshed! Currently listening to my favourite community radio station while making dovetail joints.