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Yoga stretches for runners keeps them going longer and faster

Yoga stretches for runners

Committed athletes understand the importance of reducing injuries and taking care of their body. In fact, they are always in the search for advanced ways of improving their performance. Yoga for runners is becoming a growing trend in athlete training programs. Experts recommend yoga for muscle flexibility and strengthening. Yoga stretches for runners also addresses imbalances in the athlete's biomechanics. These imbalances will eventually lead to pain and potential long-term injury. Pain in the ankles, hamstrings and knees are the common issues that many runners encounter. Yoga is the perfect complement to running as it restores balance and symmetry to the body.

Avoiding Injuries

Avid runners are most susceptible to overuse injuries, but falling on a course can bring about injury too. To defend against either kind of injury it is important to maintain good running skills with a balanced body. Many yoga poses promote that balance. Furthermore, since yoga is done barefoot, these poses promote good foot and ankle health which are important for runners.

​Designing a yoga program that fits your body needs can help you in reducing pains and aches. Yoga stretches for runners enable you to improve your body movements. It will also harmonise your strength and stamina. The exercises target the problems that arise when you are running. It counteracts the strains you encounter when running and boosts your body confidence. By doing yoga, you increase your chances of recovering from an injury or persistent pain. Below are some yoga poses for runners and how they can benefit you in your training.

Downward-Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog is one of most recognised yoga poses and the staple of many sequences. The simple pose is beneficial in several ways and the more you do it, the better it gets! It rejuvenates and energises your entire body. It also helps to stretch the shoulders, hamstrings, calves, hands, ankles and the spine. Down-dog helps to build strength in your arms and legs. Other benefits that you can get include relief from fatigue, headache, mild depression and insomnia. Downward facing dog pose relieves your body from stress. This allows you to concentrate more on your breathing, form and posture. It is a suitable pose for beginners and regular runners. Downward dog is very safe as it is less strenuous. In fact, when you do it, you enjoy the benefits of other inversions. It is one of the best yoga poses when starting your yoga practice.

Triangle Pose

A therapeutic yoga pose that benefits your body in various ways. Triangle pose involves a deep stretch of the groin, hips, and hamstrings. It also encompasses the opening of shoulders and chest. Additionally, it is an excellent pose if you want to strengthen the muscles in hips, thighs, and back. Extended triangle pose is also beneficial in toning the ankles and knees. Triangle pose also stimulates the torso organs. Fitness experts recommend it to improve your metabolism, curb anxiety, osteoporosis and flat feet. Triangle pose is one of the advanced yoga stretches for runners. It helps to ensure your body is stable and balanced both physically and mentally. Other proven benefits of triangle pose include stress relief and improved digestion. It can assist in alleviating back pain and treatment of neck pain and sciatica.

Reclined Pyramid Pose

A standing yoga pose that combines the benefits of three major movements; backwards, forward and balancing. Reclined pyramid pose helps to build body balance and coordinate your entire body. The pose will calm down your mind and improve your overall posture. It is considered a therapeutic pose that helps curb flat feet and stretches hips, chest and spine. It also assists in the strengthening of the abdominal organs which improves digestion. Like many yoga stretches for runners, it helps to open up your calves and hamstrings without necessarily straining your lower back. If you want to do a hamstring intensive pose, then this might be the best pose for you.

Male wellness Head to Knee Pose

Head to Knee pose

If you are currently battling with tight hamstrings, then this pose might help you a lot. Head to knee pose benefits you in several ways. It helps to stimulate your nervous system through deep breathing. It also calms down your emotions and mental status. Its benefits are also extended to the endocrine and urinary system. The pose also helps in stretching the back of your legs which improves flexibility.

Reclining Cobbler’s Pose

Though this pose is simple, it comes with distinct benefits. Reclining Cobbler’s Pose is one of the best yoga stretches for runners as it targets the quads, opens up your hips and releases any tight abductors. The pose is great for relaxing tense muscles. It helps to reduce fatigue, depression, and anxiety so that you can focus on improving your athletic performance. Furthermore, it stimulates the heart muscles and calms the pelvic region making you more flexible.


The nature of long distance running means breath control are vital. Yoga stretches for runner helps in achieving maximum oxygen uptake, another important skill for the runner to master. Deep breathing gives a runner a competitive advantage over their rivals. By being aware of your posture will help improve your breathing. This allows runners to execute running techniques that are both effective and efficient.

​Pain or injury in any part of your body can be a major setback in your athletic performance. Remember that all your body parts must work in harmony for you to meet your success. Yoga stretches for runners is a great way of overcoming simple injuries, adding flexibility and improving performance.

If you are a runner experiencing tightness or pain in your hamstrings, hip flexors, lower back and quads you should try this yoga workout. The poses will not only address any pain or tightness but will increase total body strength, endurance, and flexibility. Many runners find that yoga keeps them running longer and faster, without the nagging injuries.

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