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What is the best fat burning yoga?

Malewellnes What is the best fat burning yoga?

If you looking to shred and burn some extra pounds you should give yoga a try. Fat burning yoga workouts will torch serious calories and can be as effective as many other cardio training and exercises. Many styles of yoga are quite vigorous and when done regularly and consistently will lead to consistent weight loss. There are three styles that offer the best fat burning yoga workouts:

  • Bikram: Hot yoga
  • Power Yoga
  • Vinyasa: Flow yoga

Bikram Hot yoga

Bikram is the most challenging style of yoga and it is not recommended if you are new to yoga. This yoga practice happens in a heated studio of 40.6 Celsius. The sessions last for ninety minutes which is very challenging. Even if you have done yoga before, a good level of fitness is required. The benefits of the heat is that it protects muscles. This allows for deeper stretching with less chance of injury. It also very effective in cleaning the body of many bad toxins.

All these elements make regular Bikram a very effective fat burning yoga workout. You will see consistent weight loss and also feel great after each session. Regular Bikram yoga is for improving flexibility and strength and toning muscle. Additionally, you will also see improvements in your circulatory and respiratory system. Finally it provides an internal massage of the digestive system.

Power Yoga

Power yoga was developed in the USA and is a modern style. It is great if you are yoga practitioner who feels a good workout should involve plenty of sweating! Power yoga targets your metabolism helping to build lean muscle. It is a good fat burning yoga workout as you will burn a considerable amount of fat. Power yoga will include many poses that focus on building your core muscles. So it has similarities to circuit training and challenges you aerobically and anaerobically. The deep abdominal breathing in Power yoga also helps to improve circulation that intensifies fat burning during exercise.

Vinyasa Flow yoga

Vinyasa as a great yoga style for weight loss and long term weight management. It is a great fat burning yoga practice if you are a new to yoga. It is also a very effective fat burning yoga workout if your current level of fitness is not that high. The flow style sees you moving through many poses quickly. Your body will heat up and you will activate many muscles that you don't use in most exercises or workouts. This makes it very effective for weight loss and burning fat.

Fat Burning Vinyasa Workout

Below is a flow workout routine for burning fat: it will to elevate your heart rate, build core strength, and burn major calories. This can be done daily but a good place to start would be to do the following sequence 2-3 times per week.

Warming Up

2-5 Repetitions Sun Salutations

Chair Pose

3 Repetitions - Hold for 8 even breaths then press up to stand

Plank - Side Plank - Chaturanga - Side Plank Progression

Repetitions 3 to 5 each side 

​Step into plank position with your hands shoulder-width apart, wrists right below your shoulders and core engaged. Hold plank for 5 seconds before transitioning to side plank by rolling onto the outer edge of right foot, stacking left directly on top. Extend left arm upwards and hold keeping base arm straight. Hold for 5 breaths then return to plank position, exhale then lower until elbows bend at 90-degree angles; Chaturanga. Inhale, press back up to plank and complete side plank on left side

Downward Facing Dog to Warrior 2, Reverse Warrior &  Side Angle

Move from Downward Facing Dog to Warrior 2 by stepping your right foot forward in between your hands and rotate your left foot so it's flat on the ground and pointing left. Open your torso and arms so right arm is extend in front and left extended behind. Focus on keeping a deep bend in front (right) knee, stacked over heel. Ensure your chest and head are directly aligned over pelvis. Hold Warrior II for 8 breaths, then move to Reverse Warrior, hold for 8 breaths. Transition through to extended side angle and hold for another 8 breaths.

Vinyasa Sequence

Repetitions 3 to 5 times

From Warrior 2, windmill arms to ground and step into plank. The lower to chaturanga moving through Upward facing Dog to Downward Facing Dog. Immediately flow through to Warrior 2, Reverse Warrior and Side Angle then back to Warrior 2. That is one round!

Chair Pose

3 Repetitions - Hold for 8 even breaths then press up to stand

Supine Bicycle

Bring opposite shoulder, not elbow, to opposite knee. Repeat 10 to 20 times on each side. One breath per movement

Crescent Warrior

Hold for 8 breaths

From Downward Facing Dog with hands pressing firmly to the floor, lengthen spine toward ceiling and press heels down into the floor to straighten your legs. Draw shoulder blades back and down toward your tailbone before stepping right forward to your right thumb staying on the ball of your back foot. Sweep torso and arms up while keeping lower belly engaged and hold pose in neutral position.

Crescent Warrior to Warrior III

Hold for 8 breaths

Warrior III to Revolved Half Moon

Hold for 8 breaths

Vinyasa Sequence

Finish with 3 to 5 repetitions 

I hope you enjoyed doing this routine and found it challenging and worked up a good sweat! If you are keen to do more yoga to lose weight or for the many other benefits it offers, I would recommend checking out Man Flow Yoga. It is functional yoga for men that focuses on technique above all else. They have great workouts that focus on the physical aspects so you can get the maximum benefit out of each posture. At the same time, they also teach you exactly what each exercise is doing for your body, so you understand the benefit and the applicability to your everyday fitness.

Using their programs, you build the basics of your physical fitness; flexibility, core strength, balance, endurance, body awareness, and proper movement patterns – which you can apply to any of your physical fitness pursuits, whether that’s competing in a triathlon, being a weekend warrior, playing sports, or playing with your grandkids. Man Flow Yoga has Daily HD workouts, provides a personalised workout program and offer a 7 day trial for $1!

Male-wellness appreciates your comments, feedback and questions on this topic or any others.

Author: Manny

I am an easy going and sociable adventurer. My main hustle is helping run Australia’s number one community marketplace. I am an inflexible Yogi, functional fitness warrior and beginner boxer. I am huge Wire fan and enjoy watching well written film or TV. Woodwork is my latest passion and dream of having my own workshop or just a small toolshed! Currently listening to my favourite community radio station while making dovetail joints.

Guys, Burn those extra pounds with Power Yoga


Due to the view that many men still have about yoga most don't consider it as an effective weight-loss practice. The greatest aspect of yoga is that the practice and disciplines are very adaptable. They can be used to face any challenge or tackle any problem. More men are struggling with the challenge of weight-loss. Yoga has some of the best options in dealing with this growing problem. Power yoga is a very effective practice for weight loss and fighting obesity. Other yoga styles can be very beneficial in managing and controlling your weight.

What is Power Yoga?

Power Yoga is a Vinyasa practice that is a combination of the traditional values of yoga but with a focus on fitness. It is is a very upbeat form of yoga where your body builds internal heat and gives your whole body a great workout. Regular practice will see significant increases in your strength and stamina. The effects are comparable to a good aerobics or cardio session. The benefits of Power Yoga in managing and controlling your weight are:

  • Burning calories and strengthening the core
  • Reducing stress and tension
  • Holistic and sustainable weight management

Burning Calories and strengthening the Core

Power yoga definitely feels like a good cardio session. You lose lots of calories and work up a good sweat! This is because Power Yoga focuses on the core. It streamlines your body which builds lean muscles. This is more effective for weight loss due to increasing your metabolism. You do burn calories in a cardio session, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you burn fat. Excessive cardio actually deplete the muscle reserve. This is not ideal activity for a long-term weight loss plan. Men should look to add power yoga sessions to your other cardio exercises. Doing this helps to establish a sustainable weight loss plan.

Men doing power yoga outside

Doing Power Yoga outside

Reducing Stress and Tension

Managing weight loss can be a cause of added stress and tension. Regular yoga will give you opportunities to relive it and let it out. Getting stressed out will impact your weight loss plan. This leads to a lack of motivation or compulsive binge eating. Through yoga you will learn deep breathing techniques that will help reset you mental disposition. They will help improve your focus and allowing you to stay calm and relaxed.

Power yoga is the most popular and effective style for weight loss. Other styles of yoga are also beneficial in helping you manage your weight. Yoga has an uncanny ability to make everything in life a little easier, including weight loss! Yoga is very effective in changing the way you think and your behaviours. If you are thinking positively about your body you will be more likely to treat it right.

Stress and anxiety can lead to a poor diet. Yoga improves how the brain controls your reaction to stress. This should lead to healthier food choices and easier weight loss. Even if you are following a good diet there will be times when you fall of the wagon. It is important not to become upset of get down when this happens. Yoga will teach you to take a deep breath and move on and not to obsess too much about your weight.

Holistic and Sustainable Weight Management

Long-term weight management is a combination of factors; diet, exercise and mental well-being. Your diet should be balanced with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Aim to consume water on a regular basis as it is great for fighting cravings.. The combination of Power Yoga and cardio exercises is a great plan for sustainable weight loss. Yoga's focus on the breath and body means it easier to stay tuned in. You mind will be able to determine if your body is craving some other activity. Simply long-term weight management is eating only when you're hungry!

A regular yoga practice is the most effective activity in achieving sustainable weight management or loss. Power yoga is the most popular style for weight loss. It focuses on strengthening the core and building lean muscle. Yoga has many other benefits that help you manage your weight better. Stress-reduction and mindfulness associated with yoga will lead to improved sleep. Good sleep results in better eating habits, and increased self-awareness. Regardless of the exercise, good nutrition is essential. If you’re not paying attention to your diet, you won’t see the results you want. Exercise right, eat clean, and you’ll be able to achieve your goals. Find your local studio and try Power Yoga for weight loss. It will work wonders!

Author: Manny

I am an easy going and sociable adventurer. My main hustle is helping run Australia’s number one community marketplace. I am an inflexible Yogi, functional fitness warrior and beginner boxer. I am huge Wire fan and enjoy watching well written film or TV. Woodwork is my latest passion and dream of having my own workshop or just a small toolshed! Currently listening to my favourite community radio station while making dovetail joints.