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Yoga for Boxers improves focus in the ring

Yoga for boxers improves focus in the ring

Boxing is not a sport where the athlete can expect to leave the ring unscathed. Many boxers accumulate years upon years of damage by the end of their careers. Boxers bodies can sustain injuries from taking heavy hits while practicing their craft. Even the most experienced, strongest boxer takes a hit or two during a match or suffers injury during practice. Yoga for boxers has many benefits that are both mental and physical.

Yoga might seem like an exercise that clashes with boxing at first glance. But boxing is a sport which requires full engagement of the mind. Yoga helps the boxer stay switched on all the time. Regular yoga will make a boxer stronger and more focused. Yoga helps boxers recovery from training quicker and heal from past injuries. By cross training with yoga, the boxer not only strengthens many muscles centric to the sport. It also improves circulation and lymph fluid behaviour. This will help the boxer's body recover from training or past injuries.

How boxers benefit from Yoga 

The best yoga poses for boxers are poses that focus on the upper body and the core. Yet, over development of any one part of an athlete's physique may result in overuse injuries. Yoga poses will work your entire body like no other practice. When athletes become adept in a sport they develop certain habits. These carry the risk of overusing one muscle group while ignoring the rest of their body. Yoga helps to reduce this risk by engaging the practitioner in poses that teach the body to work as one, fluid unit.

Boxers understand the value of their bodies as a tool and resource in the ring. It is critical that they have balance in diet, training and recovery. It will ensure their continual success and safety in the sport. Some boxers have been lucky and have somehow escaped injury from their sport. But all boxers will experience pain or stiffness of joints so they benefit practicing yoga. Yoga is amazing in helping athletes heal from injuries. It also provides the body with extra protection against future injuries. The art of yoga can teach a boxer balance, posture, and focus, as well.

Yoga poses for boxers

Some of the best poses in yoga for boxers will focus on the arms and core. One of these poses is called the Plank, which instructs the boxer to distribute their weight evenly and hold themselves in a ramrod straight pose for a given amount of time. This engages the core, lights up the arm muscles, and brings the abs into the pose. It teaches the boxer to focus on their entire body while they strengthen it. An important aspect of boxing is concentration and self awareness. A distracted boxer is much more likely to take a hit.

A second pose is the Handstand, which is a challenging pose in yoga. This pose requires the boxer to stand on their hands with their legs balanced above them in the air. This particular exercise mandates that the boxer have a strong core and extreme focus, two essential traits in boxing. It also works the entire body, preventing overuse injuries in the future.

The last pose we'll mention here is the Warrior II. The boxer stands with his or her feet wide apart, the back foot perpendicular to the front, and deeply bends the knee of the forward leg. Their arms stretch out wide at shoulder level, one behind and one ahead of them, and they hold this pose for a given amount of time. It may sound easy, but it definitely engages the core (as well as the quads and the shoulders).

Mental benefits of Yoga for boxer

In addition to the physical benefits of yoga, the practitioner becomes more focused and aware. In yoga form is critical. The boxer will concentrate on their breathing and how their body is responding to poses. In learning to do this boxers improve on their concentration and focus while in the ring. These improvements will help them take less hits and be more apt to predict their opponent's next move. The breathing aspect of yoga can teach the boxer how to pace themselves while training or in the ring. It also improves circulation and detoxification of lymph fluid in the body. This speeds recovery time after training or following an injury.

Boxing Yoga Workout

The combination of boxing and yoga proves that yoga can be for everyone. A yoga workout focusing on boxing will provide cross-condition by improving strength, flexibility, and concentration. BoxingYoga™ has become a popular exercise that people are doing recreationally and competitively to improve their boxing performance and stay healthy. BoxingYoga™ is a powerful yoga-based training system that has the following benefits:

  • Increases whole-body power and strength through emphasising on correct form.
  • Loosens up and counter-stretches tight muscles to help prevent repetitive-use injuries.
  • Teaches how to endure intense postures to improve mental toughness, concentration and focus.
  • Develops body-awareness by concentrating on alignment, coordination and flow.
  • Teaches controlled breathing necessary to improve balance, regain energy and increase stamina.
  • Works as an effective means to reduce recovery time, stiffness and muscle soreness.
  • Provides those new to boxing with an insight into the science behind the sport, its technical aspects and a challenging workout.

A BoxingYoga™ class merges boxing technique with traditional and innovative yoga postures in a 60-minute class format. The four stages of the class are performed over 12-rounds, in one continuous movement sequence to music, with intensity adapted to participants' needs and ability. Checkout the below video to get an idea of what the workout entails

Whether its improving manoeuvrability or lowering blood pressure, there are many benefits of yoga for boxers. We've only mentioned a few key ways that yoga can make a boxer a better athlete and live a healthier life, but they are great points. Yoga can make you a better boxer, one more equipped to win more matches and get more out of your gloves than you've ever dreamed possible.

The BoxingYoga™ Home Workout is available right now on DVD or Download. Follow BoxingYoga™ Co-Founder and Master Coach, Kajza Ekberg in the comfort of your own home as she leads a full-length BoxingYoga™ class, providing clear demonstration and vocal instructions to guide you through the entire challenging 12-round session.

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