Yoga Over 50 for Men

Age should not be a barrier to stopping you from adding yoga into your life. Yoga focus is holistic health and spiritual growth. This is achieved by doing physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation. Yoga for men over 50 is very beneficial as it is a very safe activity. It is very effective in keeping the mind and body in good health. You will benefit from doing yoga in the following ways;

  • Providing Regular Exercise
  • Assisting Injury Recovery and Rehabilitation
  • Reducing Anxiety and Stress
  • Keeping your Mind Sharp
  • Sustaining Sexual Wellness

Providing Regular Exercise

Most styles of yoga combine balance, flexibility, and strength. These are the core to effective exercise. Unlike other exercises such as running and weight training, yoga is a low-impact activity. This means you are less likely to get injured from doing it. Men doing yoga when over 50 involves a lot of strength training. Using your own body weight and not adding weight, lessens the likelihood of injury. It is also very efficient as many of the poses work or more than one part of your body as well as activating your core. The variety yoga offers means that it works for most training goals. You should still build up a sweat for a cardio workout or to lose weight.

Regular exercise is highly beneficial for your health and yoga can help in many ways. It will lower your risk of heart disease and lessen symptoms of depression. If you suffer from headaches or diabetes, yoga over 50 for men is very beneficial. Yoga can also relieve some of the pain from arthritis and some forms of cancer.

Assisting Injury Recovery and Rehabilitation

If you are struggling to recover from an injury or rehabbing from surgery, yoga can assist you. For men doing yoga over 50, regular practice will also protect them against future injuries. Yoga is also excellent in identifying the unseen areas that can develop into chronic or long-term problems. Poor posture can develop into serious medical conditions that may result in surgery.

Bridge Pose Man Yoga Over 50

Yoga combines deep stretching and breathing. Learning to breathe properly is a surprising advantage of doing yoga over 50. Revising the way you breathe you will provide optimal conditions for all your muscles to recover. Holding yoga poses for 5 minutes or longer provides intense but restorative benefits. Tight, sore or inflamed muscles, tissues, fascia, and joints respond well to yoga. 

Reducing Anxiety and Stress

You are at an age where there is still a lot going on in your life with lots of responsibilities. Additionally need to support your family, not just children but even grandchildren. You also have a career, mortgage and lots of bills and expenses! Yoga over 50 empowers men to manage multidimensional responsibilities. Handling responsibilities without anxiety or getting stressed is good for your health. You will have more energy and feel more empowered to deal with difficult situations. Doing yoga over 50 focuses your attention through breathing, lessening anxiety when the pressure is on.

Keeping your Mind Sharp

There is no argument that physical activity keeps the mind sharp as you age. Men who do yoga over 50 will be combining balance, flexibility, and strength throughout their practice. The poses need you to focus your mind and delivers many long and short term benefits. Studies have shown that regular yoga improves your brain’s accuracy and speed. Yoga also strengthens brain function and help stave off cognitive decline. In a 12-week long study, volunteers who did yoga improved memory and mood to a greater degree than those who performed conventional brain training.

Sustaining Sexual Wellness

​The physical practice of yoga will ensure that you have a body that your a more comfortable with. The physiological characteristics will mean you are more relaxed and focused. Doing yoga will help you become more present in the moment and not striving for an end goal. Yoga for men over 50 combine this mindset with confidence in your body. So being more relaxed can only lead to to a more intimate and joyful connection with your partner. Sex is more than the physical experience, just as yoga is more than physical exercise. With both activities, an important and powerful mental and spiritual component is present. With sex, a powerful emotional component is always present.

Yoga has a lot to offer for men over 50, but I appreciate that starting can be slightly intimidating. I would not recommend jumping into a 90-minute hot yoga class! First steps would be to a health check to ensure you have no physical ailments or conditions that would stop you from practicing.

There are many online videos that have workouts designed for beginners and older practitioners. If you want to find a studio to attend a class, make sure it has beginner classes and that all the instructors are certified and qualified. When attending your first few classes, it is good to arrive early. You can have a quick chat to the instructor where you can discuss any modification or props you may need. Finally, you can opt to sit in a resting child’s pose during more challenging postures. Look forward to seeing you in class, Namaste!

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Author: Manny

I am an easy going and sociable adventurer. My main hustle is helping run Australia’s number one community marketplace. I am an inflexible Yogi, functional fitness warrior and beginner boxer. I am huge Wire fan and enjoy watching well written film or TV. Woodwork is my latest passion and dream of having my own workshop or just a small toolshed! Currently listening to my favourite community radio station while making dovetail joints.

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